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ANASAZI Alumni – An Elite Group

ANASAZI Alumni Services

Young Walkers leave ANASAZI feeling like they have accomplished something spectacular…and they have!

They have conquered mesas, made fire with sticks, slept under the stars, cooked for themselves, and endured the conditions of nature for six weeks or longer. They have had awakenings about life and family and themselves. And while each individual YoungWalker’s experience is unique, something great unites them. They are all part of the ANASAZI Way. They belong to an elite group of young people — ANASAZI Alumni.

The goal of ANASAZI’s Alumni Services team is to help YoungWalkers keep their trail experiences and awakenings alive in their hearts. Through phone calls, letters, emails, and other alumni services, we hope to invite them back to a memory place — a place where they can remember their feelings and awakenings during their ANASAZI experience — and continue to build upon them.

Families will be part of Alumni Services for 12 months following discharge. During this time, we encourage parents and YoungWalkers to return to ANASAZI’s Anatomy of Peace sessions as often as possible in the first year after the trail. This is offered at no additional cost for those who participated previously as part of the 49-day program ($100 fee for replacement, new materials if needed, or for other family members to attend). Families are also invited to share their ANASAZI experiences on admission days at 1:30 p.m. in Mesa.

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