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Share in Ezekiel’s Dream!


A dream led GoodBuffaloEagle (AKA Ezekiel Sanchez) to form ANASAZI Foundation with Larry Dean Olsen, his partner in the pioneering BYU wilderness program of the 1960s. In that dream, thousands and thousands of young people came one-by-one to shake Ezekiel’s hand and simply say “thank you.” He awoke from the dream more than 25 years ago feeling his Creator was sending him to do HIS work in Arizona. ANASAZI has been here ever since.

As Ezekiel steps into retirement on November 3, let’s celebrate him for a life of service to others—and help him leave a legacy for generations to come!


There are two ways you can help us honor Ezekiel…


#1—Join us November 3 to recreate his dream at the ANASAZI Gala

Learn more about the celebration, which will feature numerous special guests and a performance by Grammy-nominated artist Jenny Oaks Baker, on our event page.

#2—Participate in EZEKIEL’S DREAM FUND

To honor Ezekiel and help sustain his dream to help struggling young people find their “Belonging Place,” ANASAZI is launching EZEKIEL’S DREAM FUND. This fund will sustain ANASAZI’s mission to provide its services for families in financial need. Our goal is surprise Ezekiel on his birthday with $250,000 in pledges to underwrite this fund. If you are in a position to do so, we invite you contribute to this fund via a one-time gift or a recurring monthly donation. If you know of someone who might be willing to contribute, we would appreciate an introduction.

Donate Online!

Those wishing to participate can donate online or by sending a check to ANASAZI Foundation, listing “Ezekiel’s Dream Fund” in the memo field.