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“I have had many awakenings during my walking at ANASAZI. I have learned to respect others more, to be more tolerant of others and to treat them as I would like to be treated. But above all, I have learned that I can do anything that I want to do, whether it is getting good marks in school, stopping drugs or even getting along with everyone I meet.”
–YoungWalker, Ontario, Canada

“What brings about a change of heart is a realization that you can do good and that there is a better way. Also, it is realizing that you will be much happier and feel better inside by choosing the right way.”
–YoungWalker, Georgia

“The most meaningful thing I learned on the trail is to get closer to my family and my Creator and to stay away from drugs. I learned that not everything is given to you in life. You have to earn it and really work hard for it.”
–YoungWalker, Arizona

“A lesson that I have learned through my walking is that if we have a good attitude, people will get along with us better and obstacles and challenges will seem much easier.”
–YoungWalker, Canada

“Right now, my daughter is happy and playful and fun to be around. We talk all the time. She does her chores and always keeps her curfew. She is beginning to have a good life again. She is alive, and for this I am truly grateful. I will forever be grateful for ANASAZI, for the Trail Walkers, for Ezekiel, for all the staff at ANASAZI, for the anonymous and not-so-anonymous ones that donated time and money so that I could send my beautiful daughter to just the right place for our whole family to heal.”
–Mother, California

“ANASAZI is where I learned the meaning of feeling good and wanting to stay that way. It’s where things were hard, but things were good. I learned that everyone has something special inside of them and that gave me the assurance that maybe I did too.”
–YoungWalker, Utah

“My most meaningful awakening was that even in our darkest hours, if we hang in there and stay close to the Creator, then there is always light at the end of the tunnel.”
–YoungWalker, Utah

“I am waiting for my father to come to my camp. I have missed him so much. I am very excited and find myself looking up constantly to see if he is coming. I look forward to showing him all I’ve learned and teaching him some of it. When he comes he will see a different person than he remembers. I really look forward to just talking with him and rebuilding a relationship that I so willingly helped destroy.”
–YoungWalker, Minnesota

“My buddy wants me to go camping and show him some stuff, but he doesn’t understand that what I show him is sacred to me. ANASAZI is a sacred place.”
–YoungWalker, California

“If I were to tell people what I learned, I would say that I got my glow back. It’s like I had a candle and they gave me a match. I have a light now.”
–YoungWalker, Pennsylvania

“ANASAZI taught me truth.”
–YoungWalker, California

“My son has gained a confidence about him that feeds more confidence. He is doing things that a year ago I would not have imagined. He recently joined the speech and debate club and is playing football. His communication has improved greatly, and our relationship is better than ever.”
–Father, Arizona

“Our son is doing exceptionally well! He is in a boarding school, and we talk at least three times a day. He really likes being able to pick up the phone and sharing whatever he has on his mind or in his life with us. And we love it too! His grades are okay, but the comments he gets from the teachers really make up for what he doesn’t get in terms of grades. They all speak so highly of him and the amount of effort he is putting forth. We are really so proud of him and how far he has “walked” in a year!”
–Mother, Bahamas

“I learned how much of a difference having a positive attitude can make towards a tough situation.”
–YoungWalker, Arizona

“Our son is in college now…a boy who saw no future for himself is now a responsible young man making good choices in his walking and caring very much about college and his future. He is happy and content with life.”
–Mother, Pennsylvania

“Though many of my ANASAZI memories have faded, I will never forget what I learned there. I learned that I have a choice. Whether I make the wrong or right choice, I know I have one. And, I also know which one is right and which is wrong.”
–YoungWalker, Texas

“I was doing a lot of wrong things, but ANASAZI gave me a chance. When you get caught up in bad things, it’s hard to break free, especially when it’s a daily thing. Now I’ve left all of that behind me.”
–YoungWalker, Arizona

“At ANASAZI, I realized my worth.”
–YoungWalker, Texas

“Coming here has shown me that I can get through trials and survive.”
–YoungWalker, Arizona

“I know what peace feels like again.”
–YoungWalker, Idaho

“It took me six weeks to learn the answers are inside of me.”
–YoungWalker, Arizona

“I came with a lot of labels, people telling me who I am, but I am leaving knowing who I want to be.”
–YoungWalker, Washington

“I was hoping for a miracle in my daughter and I got one in myself. I didn’t know if she would ever be able to forgive me, but today feels like a new day.”
–Father, California

“This is a place of hope and awakenings.”
–Father, Arizona

“Our daughter has been home from ANASAZI for a year now. She is a much kinder person, caring and loving towards us as her parents. For the most part, she is respectable towards us. She will normally do her chores now without argument… She is doing very well in school. Thank you for giving our daughter back to us.”
–Mother, South Dakota

“Being at ANASAZI taught me a great deal about other people. It taught me that other people should be treated the way that you would like to be treated.”
–YoungWalker, Canada

“The most obvious change I noticed in my daughter right from the beginning was that she wanted to talk to me again. She also wanted to talk to her brothers… I came to see that she really didn’t want to do wrong anymore… My daughter and I have both made great strides towards becoming better people, and we are both more happy and content.”
–Mother, California

“Out here you see things as they truly are and you can see love blossom.”
–Father, Arizona

“The communication is back. We are learning to love without conditions and I know without a doubt we would be in a totally different environment if it hadn’t been for ANASAZI. I will be forever in their debt.”
–Mother, Arizona

“I will never forget the afternoon when my parents arrived. The moment we made eye contact we could barely talk – our emotions over-whelmed us. We embraced each other in the best hug ever. At that moment, my love for them was at its capacity. I realized how much I took them for granted before ANASAZI and how much more complete they made me feel.”
–YoungWalker, Arizona

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